Astrological Based Perfumes|Perfume According Zodiac Signs

According to astrology, people from the same sun-sign have similar characteristics, likes and dislikes. We can say that people from the same zodiac sign have preferences to certain Fragrance. If you??e looking to increase the energies of a particular nakshatra you can use the perfumes associated with the sign. As per astrological theory, The Perfume Should Be Wearing, According To Your zodiac Sign. Your zodiac sign + your signature scent. All your characteristics from the astrology calendar blended into a unique scent. To get your personalized perfume according to your birth details and it would be based on our astrologer consultation : Call or Whatsapp +91-8003600999

Price: 710

Year of Product : 2018
Condition : Brand New
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Location : Jaipur

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