Hair Build Fibers | Hair It Dark Brown

The Hair Build Fibers, Hair Build Fibers In Hyderabad, Hair IT Dark Brown is an invention which is loved by most due to its simplicity and effectiveness. The hair build fibers are powder-like substances which are instantly poured on the bald areas of the head covering up the blank area showing a dense volume of the natural colored hair. The hair build fibers make a person look younger and eliminate the appearance of hair loss instantly in men or women. Made from plants, the hair build fibers bond to your existing hair thus thickening and covering the thinning area. The hair build fibers are available depending on the hair shades. The dark brown color is for the people having naturally the brown hair. The dark brown colored hair build fibers thus help in adding volume to the existing hair.

Price: 10000

Year of Product : 2011
Condition : Brand New
Ad by : 0
Location : Hyderabad

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