Hair Max by Shinehairstudio

The pioneers in home use laser technology for hair growth Hair Max represents over two a long time of research and improvement resulting in the creation of a low-degree laser therapy medical tool that is a safe, powerful and smooth to apply hair loss treatment. The Hair Max Laser devices are the First FDA Cleared domestic-use scientific gadgets to effectively sell hair boom and deal with hair loss in both men & women. Hair-Max works in a manner known as Photo-Bio-stimulation that is much like photosynthesis which causes a boom in vegetation. Hair-Max Laser devices utilize Laser Photo therapy, which supplies seen mild within the crimson spectrum. Hair-Max gives you this therapeutic, nourishing mild power in your hair follicles to stimulate increase elements, expand the boom segment of hair, and assist repair a wholesome hair increase cycle resulting new hair increase with elevated density, fullness and vibrancy Finally it will give you a Happy Hair.

Price: 10000

Year of Product : 2011
Condition : Brand New
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Location : Hyderabad

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