Hair Max | Laser Comb Advanced 7

The Hair Growth Comb, Hair Max, Laser Comb Advanced seven, Hair Loss Comb works with a method of photo-biostimulation. This method transfers the optical maser energy to the cellular energy increasing the nucleotide to mitochondria that will increase the expansion factors inside the dermal papilla stimulating cell proliferation of the hair matrix. In short, it uses the optical maser lightweight energy to energize and revitalize the hair follicles promoting new growth and reversing the dilution method. As per the directions, one should comb the hair for pretty much 10-15 minutes daily front to back then aspect to aspect, moving the comb in ? in. increments each four seconds. The comb is employed 3 days per week however solely once shampooing once the hair is free from styling product. The comb is prescribed to be used for twelve weeks before having associate degree amazing result.

Price: 10000

Year of Product : 2011
Condition : Brand New
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Location : Hyderabad

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