Industry Program in Paint Manufacturing

Objective of Program The broad objectives are to phase out the manufacture and sale of paints containing lead and eventually to eliminate the risks from such paint. Specific objectives are: (a) To raise the awareness of government authorities and regulators, private industry, manufacturers, consumers, workers, trade unions and health-care providers about the toxicity of lead in paints and the availability of technically superior and safer alternatives; (b) To catalyse the design and implementation of appropriate prevention-based programmes to reduce and eliminate risks from the use of lead in paint. When processes for phasing-out lead are put in place in installations manufacturing paint, arrangements must be made to ensure a fair transition that protects workers??health [and employment]; (c) To provide assistance to paint manufacturers that continue to produce and market paints containing lead to enable them to phase out lead from their paints; Program Modules- Module-I: Introduction & Principles To Paint Technology Module- II : Introdustion to Paint Manufacturing Module- III : OCCUPATIONAL EXPOSURES lN PAINT MANUFACTURE AND PAINTING Module- IV : Paint Manufacturing Hazardous Waste Listing Determination Module- V : Manufacturing of Paint & Allied Coating Products Module - VI: Control of VOC Emissions from Ink & Paint Manufacturing Process Eligibility This Program is designed for working professioanls having qualification minimum 10+2 standards from any Board . Information on the avilable coatings from some manufacturer in the country and abroad.

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Year of Product : 2002
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Location : Haryana

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