Keratin Hair Extensions in Hyderabad

Keratin Hair Extensions square measure traditional hair extenders that add volume and length to the human hair. The certain hair extensions square measure little strands of real, virgin or unprocessed human hair. Generally, the stylist would match the colour of your hair with the hair extensions that square measure offered then place them on. Salons in the main have the shades offered and if not within the order they struggle creating it offered. The extensions seem like a little wisp of a person's hair however with a keratin-based dried glue at one finish. The hair extensions are often curled, dyed, straightened, titled with heat and everything that you just would do with a standard human hair. so as to connect the hair, either heat or supersonic waves, looking on the kind of occasion you're planning to, the certain glue is coalesced into the hair. The extensions square measure placed in rows and square measure strategically coated with another piece of hair even after you wear a hairdo.

Price: 10000

Year of Product : 2011
Condition : Brand New
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Location : Hyderabad

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