Terms of Use

Welcome to Nevoie! Please read these terms of use carefully.
1. Acceptance of Terms

You agree and accept these terms if you are using Nevoie either through the website or any other electronic device. Each time you access, use, or browse the Site, you indicate your acceptance of the then-current Privacy Policy. By accepting this Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), you are also accepting and agreeing to be bound by the Privacy Policy and the Listing Policy and accept cookies from this site. If you do not agree to these terms you may not use this website. This policy is effective from the time you log in to Nevoie.

We may update the Terms from time to time so please review the relevant pages regularly.


Nevoie provides a platform to enable its users to connect with each other or with businesses. It enables the Users to find Service Provider/book services. Keep in mind that the business listings, or ads, and other elements of service are posted by Users & Service Providers who are the members of Nevoie and not by Nevoie itself.

3.Using Nevoie

You agree and understand that Nevoie is an internet enabled electronic platform that facilitates communication for the purposes of advertising and distributing information pertaining to goods and/ or services.

You agree and understand that Nevoie in no sense support or market or promote any of the listing or posting information. We neither come in the possession of nor engage in the distribution of any of the goods or services posted on our site.

We strongly encourage you to exercise reasonable diligence and practice good judgement and common sense before selling / purchasing goods or services or while exchanging information.

You agree to post your listings in the appropriate category or area. Further you accept that the use of site is governed by this AUP and that you do not violate the prohibited and restricted items policy.

You are solely responsible and accountable for "Your Information" that you provide to us or other users of the Site during the registration, posting, listing or replying. Further, we act as a mere platform for your online distribution and publication of Your Information.

By using this service, you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:

  • Nevoie reserves the right to change, modify or delete these Terms of Use at any time by updating the changes online.
  • Nevoie may, from time to time, release new tools and resources, of calculating the Score and or introduce other services and/or features for the Platform.

It is your responsibility to check this page from time to time for updates or changes in terms and conditions.

4. Eligibility

You confirm that you 18 years of age and above and are Citizens of the Republic of India. You understand that you can enter into a legally binding contract, of legal age i.e. 18 years to form a legally binding contract with Nevoie. Further, you are not a person barred, from availing the services offered by Nevoie under the laws as applicable in India.

5. Abuse of Nevoie

You agree to inform us in case you come across any listing or posting that violates our listing policy. You agree to inform us if any offensive postings infringes any intellectual property rights. By contacting us you can keep the site working efficiently and in a safe manner.

You understand that we reserve the right to take down any posting, listing, or limit or terminate our services. We further shall take all reasonable legal steps to prevent the misuse of the Site.

6. Infringement by Users

We shall have the right to terminate and or suspend your membership and access to the Site if we find an event in your listing, posting or your information that violates any provision of this AUP or the listing policy.

7. Content

The Site contains content which includes your personal data, Nevoie's data and information from other users. You understand and agree not to duplicate, edit, or distribute such content. When you give us any content as part of Your Information, you are giving the right and license to use, reproduce, publish, and distribute the content elsewhere.

8. Accountability

Nevoie in no grounds shall be responsible for any damages or other intangible losses. The content delivered on our site is done with utmost diligence. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness, and integrity of the content. Our site contains links to external websites which are beyond our control. So, Nevoie will neither be held accountable for the content of those third party websites nor the consequences that may arise from the existence of such links.

The content and text published by third party operators on Nevoie are subject to the copyright law. You will require a written approval of their authors before duplication or revision of such content.

9. Personal Information

In case your personal information changes, you may review/correct/update/delete your personal information at any time by sending us an email contact@nevoie.com

10. Miscellaneous

You agree and understand that it is prohibited to disclose login credentials to third parties, including Nevoie users. Users will need to comply prior written licenses to access the CL thereby until authorization is terminated. Otherwise, this is the exclusive and entire agreement between you and Nevoie.

No refund shall be made and neither the unutilized credits can be carried forward if all premium ads available under the subscription scheme are not used during their tenure.

Premium ads are prioritized over free ads on the website. The sequence in which premium ads are displayed will be controlled by Nevoie search algorithm and the advertiser shall not determine the sequence in which ads are displayed.

A banner will be displayed only after seeking approval from the advertiser. We do not provide any guarantees of impressions or clicks for the client banners. The advertiser agrees that any liability/claim with respect to the products or services promoted through the Advertisements under the scope of this Agreement shall be solely to the account of the advertiser.

11. Grievances or Complaints

If you have any grievance with respect to Nevoie, you can contact us at: contact@nevoie.com

12. No Spam Policy

You understand and agree that sending unsolicited email advertisements to Nevoie email addresses are prohibited by these Terms. You agree that we may monitor email usage to flag certain words associated with spam or scams in emails.

13. Breach of Terms and Liquidated damages

Please report any violations of the Terms that you become aware of by contacting us at contact@nevoie.com

You understand and agree that damages are often difficult to quantify. In case, if actual reimbursements cannot be reasonably calculated then you will be liable to pay Nevoie liquidated damages (and not a penalty) for the following cases:

  • If you are a Posting Agent and are using the Service in violation of these Terms
  • If you use our e -mail addresses or computer systems to send unsolicited e-mail advertisements to Nevoie e-mail addresses or any other party
  • If you post messages in violation of these Terms, other than as described above
  • If you duplicate, display, reproduce, or exploit any content (except for your own Content) in violation of these Terms without Nevoie express written permission.
14. Job

As a job-seeker you agree that Nevoie will not be responsible for any payments made to a third-party. As a recruiter you agree to adhere to all job posting rules. You also know that Nevoie can deactivate or take necessary actions in the case of misuse or fraud use of this platform.

15. No Guarantee Business

Nevoie shall not be responsible to the Advertiser if no business or business leads are generated. Accuracy of the information/content provided is the advertiser"s responsibility and Nevoie is no manner will be held responsible for false claims made by the advertiser.

16. Promoters Obligations

Advertiser agrees to make all payments due to Nevoie in a timely and efficient manner. Advertiser shall not issue stop-payment instructions in respect of such cheques. The Advertiser agrees that Nevoie has the the right to take action in case of bounced cheques. The Advertiser shall bear complete liability for the quality of its goods and/or services and not Nevoie. All Classified(s) provided to Nevoie is/are and shall at all times be accurate and complete and lawful. The Advertiser grants a worldwide intellectual property licence to Nevoie.